How it all begins

How it all began

Here at SkillʻOhana, we firmly believe that talent is spread all over the world! But sometimes it does not reach where it is required and appreciated the most. There are barriers. SkillʻOhana is our humble effort to break down these barriers and connect talents across the world. We want to make the seeker as well as the teacher part of the family (‘Ohana- Hawaiian for family).

Skill’Ohana was born during pandemic. While the pandemic has created havoc all over the world, it also taught a thing or two as we learnt to deal with it. One of the things was that we learned to function remotely in ways that were never imagined. The idea of SkillʻOhana took shape as we saw our kids attend all their classes remotely. In fact, skills that we never thought were possible to learn remotely (such as intricate Indian classical dance forms like Kathak) are being taught and learned routinely now, just in this way. The pandemic has forever changed the way we learn things and acquire new skills. SkillʻOhana is our effort to be part of this change!

Another major barrier that prevents skills from connecting is the logistics involved in the process. We firsthand experienced two issues. One was how to reimburse for the classes that were attended/offered. And second, how to build trust in this relationship right from the onset. With SkillʻOhana we have addressed both these issues as you will experience.

What else, we do not want any talent to be left behind and will match it with someone who desires to learn a new skill. Welcome to the family!

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